Regards to Filipino Trait and you will Evaluative Proportions

Regards to Filipino Trait and you will Evaluative Proportions

Regards to Filipino Trait and you will Evaluative Proportions

I and observed abstract resemblances amongst the Filipino size to have public roles and you may consequences and some of Goldberg’s (1982) conceptually-derived groups getting personal opportunities, matchmaking, and outcomes throughout the English code. In particular, Filipino Prominence seems to include terminology inside the Goldberg’s Magnificence, Influence, Popularity, and you may Wealth groups. Filipino Uselessness (inversely) is much like Goldberg’s Skills class. Romantic conceptual correspondences are also obvious between Filipino Attractiveness and Goldberg’s Appeal, and you can ranging from Filipino Respectability and Goldberg’s Value. Filipino Charm seems to include the majority of Goldberg’s Focus, Appeal, and you may Entertainment-worth categories, and several words from inside the Goldberg’s Notice category also overlap which have Filipino Uniqueness. Filipino Dangerousness resembles Goldberg’s Popularity, Fearsomeness, and you may Antagonism kinds, and you will Filipino Destructiveness and overlaps which have Goldberg’s Antagonism. Obviously, a few Filipino dimensions which might be outlined mostly by actual attribute terminology, Energy and Presentableness, do not appear to coincide directly to any out-of Goldberg’s classes from public jobs and you will outcomes (even when Goldberg’s Trend group boasts “presentable” as a term). We should observe that we didn’t you will need to build marker scales to have Goldberg’s (1982) conceptual groups in addition to their thinking-report construction throughout the English words are unknown. Full, but not, the conceptual review suggests that there was a great deal of cross-cultural similarity about significant kinds of societal roles and consequences, hence some of Goldberg’s way more slight conceptual categories you’ll mix for the bigger size for the worry about-statement analysis.

A great amount of Goldberg’s smaller classes, including Nurturance, Succorance, Adjustment, Clearness, Accountability, Forgivability, Styles, Politics, Intercourse, and you can Religion don’t showcase far abstract similarity to the Filipino dimensions of personal and you may physical qualities

Using mutual component and regression analyses, we showed that all social and you will bodily feature proportions was basically moderately so you can highly relevant to one or more Filipino trait and you can evaluative size. Brand new clearest exemption is the small Presentableness dimensions. Inspite of the personality-benefits judgments your Filipino informants, the Presentableness dimension, which had been made up of looks attributes (age.g., respectable, clean vs. dirty), may possibly provide quicker facts about personality compared to the other personal and you can bodily trait size. While doing so, the fresh Prominence and Attractiveness proportions-over the other social and you will real trait dimensions-appear to target properties that are fairly type of conceptually on the Filipino attribute and evaluative dimensions.

The newest correlations discover ranging from the public size together with trait attribute proportions advise that terminology to own personal jobs, statuses, and you will consequences can get echo public consequences with the brand of personality traits. Actually, Angleitner ainsi que al. (1990) ideal one to personal positions and you may statuses mirror the fresh new perception one qualities enjoys to your anybody else. Such as for example, Filipinos who have Gregariousness faculties are usually demonstrated by by themselves and others in terms of the personal properties that define brand new Charm aspect (elizabeth.g., causes joy or delight). Furthermore, Filipinos who’ve Conscientiousness attributes are likely to be explained into the terms of Respectability public features (age.grams., reputable, honorable). These it is possible to hyperlinks anywhere between traits and you can personal reputations could well be checked-out in direct future browse by the correlating care about-recommendations to the trait dimensions that have observer recommendations to your social and you can actual feature proportions.

Particularly, considering the relationship away from worry about-thought attractiveness to personal well-are (Diener, Wolsic, & Fujita, 1995), and body picture to one another notice-esteem and you will restaurants issues (Mintz & Betz, 1988), brand new Appeal dimensions you may render an essential introduction for the clinical evaluation

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A practiced implication of one’s show is the fact not as much was destroyed from the examining precisely the Filipino trait and you can evaluative proportions. In fact, because of the result of the combined parts study ( Dining table 2 ), specific terms and conditions to have societal and you can physical functions could even be additional so you’re able to existing characteristic and you can evaluative balances. not, if an individual would be to incorporate most proportions, outside of the attribute and you will evaluative dimensions, the best applicants might be Prominence and Elegance. The fresh new Prominence size perform assess self-recognized social status or reputation, while the Appeal scale would determine mind-thought physical attractiveness and you can attraction.

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